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Turn $5,000 into $1,000,000

How many emails have you seen tempting you to subscribe to this stock market service or buy this indicator package and you could turn $5,000 into $50,000 in 12 months or less!  If you could make 1,000% on your money every 12 months would you be selling subscription services?  Ask yourself that question every time you get a “too good to be true” offer.

The realities of being a trader dictate a much different world.  I hear that more than 80% of traders lose money, and I wouldn't doubt it if it were 95%+!  There is no silver bullet indicator or system that will magically print you money.  Instead, the laws of risk and reward are at work in the trading world accompanied by the demons of human psychology almost ensuring that most traders will cut their winners short and ride their losers to disaster.

So what do I offer here at Trade the Pulse?  I don't offer you a magic system or indicator that is going to turn thousands into millions.  Instead, I offer you a system that SHOULD be able to return a consistent 15%+ a year (after fees) on a limited amount of capital.  You see, if too much money is thrown at a system, then the system breaks down and the edge is lost to over crowding a trade,  increased slippage and the temptation of the big firms to run stops every chance they get.

The Cost of Education

In the world of education there abounds a few different products that I will categorize as follows:

Who I Am

I'm one of the little guys.  Sure I can claim that I've made and lost a couple of small six figure fortunes in my trading career.  It's true that I've paid for training, CDs, and annual subscriptions and that none of them ever made me rich.  It's true that I've traded full-time for over a year.  And, it's true that I no longer trade full time, but instead go to work every day and pay the bills the old fashion way.

But I never lost that dream of doing something more with my money than trying to earn 8% a year in a tough market environment.  Just look at the performance of Cash vs. the S&P 500 from 1999 to 2011 (I'll give you a hint and cash has outperformed even at 1% interest).

So, I went to work building an automated strategy that could trade for me while I was at work.  And what I came up with is the Pulse100.  So take a look around and see if this way of increasing your long-term returns works for you?  I'm only offering 200 licenses to my strategy, so once they are gone, you'll have to get in line and wait for someone to not renew.  Best of luck in wherever your trading inclinations take you!